Pretty in Pink!

Who am I? I am a mom. That is basically what defines me at this point in my life. How do I find myself again? Well that’s where you, my reader, come in. Will you listen as I talk about my day, about my constantly shifting interests, about my job as preschool teacher/art teacher, about my discoveries and trials as a wife and a mom?

You’re still here. That’s a good sign. =) Well to help me break into a routine, I have joined a blogging 101 thing (! This should help me figure out all things blog as I sit in the dark watching my husband play video games.

The little one is in bed..probably asleep with her legos. How else was I supposed to get her to willingly go to bed? =P Do you have a toddler? I would love to hear your funny stories. Here’s mine from earlier this week.

I was supposed to be getting ready for work, but there was a tube of lipstick sitting on the counter calling my name. So I grab it and proceed to waste time. Well for once I didn’t feel like I looked wrong with it on, probably because the last time I put lipstick on I was like 16. So I finish getting ready for work with a nice pink smile. When my daughter saw me, she demanded to know what I had. “WHAT’S THAT?” …Um my phone is what you are pointing at..”What is on your face?” Thanks kid…yourDad needs to work with you on your delivery. She wouldn’t let me kiss her the entire day until I removed all traces of pink from my face.

Today consisted of teaching art (for Sketchbook time they drew “Underwater Monsters” and then did a foil embossing project where they drew robots onto tinfoil) which the students seemed to enjoy…who can really tell with highschoolers. I also worked on getting loose ends tied up for my various Christmas Programs that I am in charge of. It was one of those days where all the pieces fit together and I went home feeling less stressed and happy!!! Which is always a confidence booster.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring! I teach my preschool class tomorrow and they tend to say some funny things. See you tomorrow.


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