I Love Jamberry and here is why!

Have you heard of Jamberry before? If yes, skip down a little. If no, then continue reading!!! My nails curl as the grow out (they are also thin). It’s frustrating, and makes them feel gross to me! I have kept them short for a long time. One time after getting acrylic nails, I noticed that my nails underneath had grown long and straight. To keep them straight I started trying to keep them painted. It worked, but I hated painting them EVERY OTHER DAY! The only good thing that came from it was that my daughter started sitting nicely for me to clip her little nails, because I told her that I wouldn’t paint hers unless she let me cut them. Poor little girl has the same curling problem I do, but she has it on her hands and feet.
This is where Jamberry come in! I was invited to an online party by a friend on Facebook. I didn’t accept (or refuse), because I was SO sick of direct sales parties. One day (I was still getting annoying notifications for posts on parties I wasn’t attending) the consultant posted on the party that she was having a drawing for free stuff just for participating. I participated…a LOT! I also requested a free sample! Which any of you can do here! By the time the 2 week party ended I was HOOKED! I put my samples on my ring finger and painted my nails for the very last time. I ordered the StyleBox by Jamberry and haven’t looked back!
It took several applications to really get the hang of it. My first couple times they only lasted a little over a week, but I would suffer them for 2 weeks, because I don’t have the patients during the week to change them. Now days though it’s rare that I get a nail with a tip that starts snagging on stuff or catching my hair at the nail bed and I can officially get 14 days out of them, and potentially forget to change them and still be good. The growth is too big for that though.
Here is what I have learned though. ^_^ 1. Even though these defiantly make my nails stronger, the will still break if I grow them out to dagger lengths. 2. The cold application is only good for little people who would be loud and uncooperative with a heater or hairdryer. Go with the original application method. 3. There is no need to file the extra off when you do a pedicure. Just snip it off. 4. Pull gently on your manicure before you trim it or file the extra off. This helps seal the tips. 5. Don’t do this on your toes. Just heat, stick, clip, and go. 6. It’s better if your Jamberry doesn’t reach all the way to your skin. You are the only person who will notice, and it will not last long if it touches your skin.
Here is a picture of my current 14 day manicure and pedicure. And a picture of an old manicure on its first day.

Manicure on day 14.
Manicure on day 14.
Pedicure on day 14.
Pedicure on day 14.
Manicure right after application.
Manicure right after application.

Blogging 101

Today’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you first chose. Try one you’re drawn to, and one you would never use.

I hope you like my new theme!!! This one has more room for me to customize it! Yay! I’m sure someday I will work up a background and a header. =)


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