I love Thanksgiving, because I LOVE family time! Today is Thanksgiving Eve and I curled my newly dyed hair! What do you think?Curls!

I did dishes! I know! Everyone can pick their jaw up off the floor now. And I made deviled eggs and threw some fruit together! I wish there was more I could take care of today, but cleaning my house will have to work. Wanna know how I made my eggs? Sure you do! I started by stressing out and getting mad at my husband because I didn’t know what I needed (oops!), so he asked his mom for a recipe. 😊 He ended up with just a list of ingredients, but it was enough for me to rock it! And I have pictures!

Ingredients: 1 dz eggs, dash of baking soda, miracle whip, mustard, dill pickle juice, sweet pickle juice, salt and pepper

First you boil the eggs. I don’t have pictures of this part. I put my raw eggs in a pot with some baking soda then fill with water until it’s an inch over my eggs. Then I put them on high heat until it comes to a rolling boil. That’s important! It has to be a rolling boil. Then I turn my heat off, cover with a lid and let them sit on the burner  for 5 min. Then I remove them from heat and reset my timer for 10 min. Immediately poor off the hot water and fill with cold water and lots of ice. When the ice melts add more ice. Do this until the water is ice cold and the eggs are very cold to the touch. Drain the water till you are left with just a 1/2 inch or so and put the lid back on. Shake the eggs in the pot gently making them smash together. Some of the shells will fall right off and the other can be practically squeezed from their shells. After this you should be left with beautifully pealed eggs.


Tada! (I modified my boiled egg recipe from this one. They suggest using older eggs.)

Deviled Eggs For A NOOB

Now you’re ready to turn them into delicious deviled eggs! First, cut the eggs in half length wise. (Mine are SO perfect! *eye roll*)


Scoop out the yolks with a spoon into a freezer bag. This is key to easy minimal cleanup eggs!


Now you should be left with pretty little halves! So nice of them to not leave enough space on the plate for a dozen eggs. Just get a small plate and fill the ones that don’t fit with the extra filling. This makes for happy husbands and babies at my house. Mostly because I’m nice and don’t eat the entire batch by myself while they are at work/daycare.


Next I mash up my yolks, so that everything mixes better. My daughter would have throughly enjoyed this part had she been home.


Then I add my ingredients. I don’t actually measure them. I just get out my teaspoon and 1/4 cup and eyeball it. Mostly because I HATE doing dishes, so the fewer dishes there are, the happier I am. =) So about 1/4 cup of miracle whip, and about a teaspoon each of sweet pickle juice, dill pickle juice, and mustard. Also toss in some salt and pepper.


Close up the bag and mix it all up, then taste test with the scooper spoon.


Once its perfect, use a rolling pin to squish all the filling to one of the bottom corners of the bag.



Snip off the end. I was worried that this would be too big of an opening but it turned out perfect! By the way, I have fairly skinny fingers. If i remember correctly, my wedding ring is a size 4.75.


Now twist up the bottom like an icing bag and pipe it into the egg halves. If you have trouble with this, go to your local cake making grocery store and watch their cake decorators work. Not only is it fun (or at least I find that watching them decorate is enjoyable…..that’s probably why I didn’t do well working in the bakery), but you can see how they hold the bag and move with it. Or you could probably find a video on youtube to watch. While you’re at it, you should try making some icing roses!!! I think it’s fun to try to figure out stuff like that!



Tada!!! All done! My husband even suffered through the extra 2 eggs on his lunch break. These got his picky seal of approval!

In case you were wondering, I am wearing the November Exclusives from my StyleBox by Jamberry. They are doing a pretty awesome Black Friday deal and as always they are Buy 3, Get 1 Free! ( I love these things!!!!


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