Hair hair hair!

My friend in Indiana is a hair stylist with her own business! I asked her to help me with the texture of my hair and showed her what hair products I use.

The Bad   The Ugly
Apparently my choice of hair products is like dunking my head in a bucket of kitchen cleaner. Oops!! She sent me some new stuff from her salon (for a small price) and hooked me up with a few samples that she had lying around.


I love love LOVE this stuff. It doesn’t smell like Garnier Fructise, but it is amazing! My hair is SO soft after only 1 week, and I imagine it will only get better with time. It is sulfate free, so I am having to get used to shampoo that doesn’t lather up like I’m used to. I won’t be going back to Walmart poo!


The root boost is awesome!!!! I have fine, flat, blond hair and this stuff makes a HUGE difference! Second day hair isn’t plastered flat to my head. It actually has as much volume! My friend says she uses it on basically every client.

I give these items 5 out of 5 stars!!! If your shampoo isn’t making you happy, you should definitely try John.

To order, go the John Amico Products website. When you add something to your cart, you will be prompted to put in a member id. You will need this ID (w01011173) to actually be able to build a shopping cart.

If you have any hair questions you can contact Desiree at


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