Reform, Declare, Create!

I haven’t touched my blog in over a year, so why not repurpose it right? There has been a ton of things happen since I stopped blogging about my life. One of those things, ok the only thing really, but it’s huge! I delivered a beautiful baby girl on Easter!

Seeing as how staying home makes me lose my mind, I really needed a hobby. Yeah, I like to crochet, but I don’t absolutely love it. It’s takes me forever to finish a project. Like months! I also wanted to try and make a little money for my family while I was home (so a hat that takes months to finish wouldn’t work). I decided to play with polymer clay! I love it!!!! It’s so versitile. I can basically do anything with it! The sky and my imagination are the only limits. Oh, and the size of my oven.

But alas art is a skill that requires developing. This is where Kater’s Acres and her Polymer Clay Challenge comes in. She has challenged all polymer clay artists to create (and finish!) one PC project each week of the year and blog about it. Realistically with having a 4 year old (almost, she will be 4 in July) and an 8 week old, I just can’t stress over attempting to create one new item each week. I would also run out of clay, since the easiest way to get it is to drive for 3 hours to the nearest craft store. I have decided to challenge myself to making 2 polymer clay buttons a month. Woohoo! (Took me ALL day to pick a theme!)

You can follow my progress here on my (repurposed) clay blog and on my Facebook page Clay Maid (don’t forget to react (like, love, etc.) to things and comment (or post a question!) on my posts so that my updates show up in your news feed!). As my journey continues, names will probably change, so please sign up to receive my blog posts straight to your inbox! I have giveaways planned as well as some other things that I am excited about. I don’t want you to miss anything.


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