Summer Swirls

The first thing I wanted to do when I got my pasta machine a couple weeks ago was to make a feather cane like these canes by Artmakers Worlds.

Feather Cane and slices by Artmakers Worlds

I went on the hunt and found a great tutorial by Donna Kato. The first problem occurred when making my first ever teardrop blend of yellow to pink. I got really excited about the pasta machine and watching the colors mix and mash together into a smooth blend. I had gone too far. I was supposed to have left it all still marbled. Not a huge issue. I can still see how it turns out. I made my 3 logs out of the blend and wrapped them in gold clay (possibly my favorite color so far) and let them sit.

After at least a week, I finally had some time to try working on the feather again. I pulled out the logs and immediately put the first one into the pasta machine. Now its ruined for the feather cane. Pasta machine done NOT equal faster flat pieces for feather cane. Learn from my mistake and take your time to reduce the logs, so you can build the feather.

Now its time for a new direction since the first log is not right for the feather cane. Maybe it still is, but I don’t know how to use it like that yet, so I am changing directions to something easier. MUCH easier. I Sliced the logs and set them together, then rolled them into a log and made a Natasha cane. I was REALLY excited when I cut it open to see the pattern of yellow, pink, and gold. This is my first natasha cane, and I LOVE how it turned out. I didn’t go on to line them up and put them together I just sliced it open then rolled it even and started cutting stuff out of it. And there are my first buttons for the polymer clay challenge! I think I’m going to set the hearts aside to send to a woman who collects heart items to sell to help her nephew who needs a heart transplant. (Hearts for Zach)


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