Ocean Potion!

Well it’s been longer than I had hoped since my last post, but I got pretty busy this month. We went on vacation, then getting ready for a new school year and birthdays! Now that things have calmed down I’m ready to show you the few things I made!

For this first update post, I want to share my second button set from June for the Polymer Clay Challenge. These are made from Sculpey III and Premo! By Sculpey. I LOVE the way the turtles turned out! The feel so summery. I was attempting the appliqué technique, but I need more practice to really get a nice appliqué effect.

I didn’t have time to make any buttons this month 😞, but I did get some nice pieces made instead. I probably won’t get buttons made in August either, because I have a couple people asking for custom pieces! Stay tuned for more update posts coming over the next week!!

Where is your favorite beach? Let me know in the comments below! Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is my favorite because it holds special childhood memories for me!


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