August Yume Twins Kawaii Subscription Box Review

I had originally planned to post about my works in progress that are laying around my craft room, but then I received my Yume Twins box! This is by far more interesting that my half done clay pieces and messy desk!

Disclaimer! This product was bought and paid for by me, because I love kawaii! I decided to post about it because I am one of the first to receive this month’s box.


This light purple box is going to be the cause of much excitement in my future! It is adorable and I look forward to seeing if the box design changes each month. (Although I will probably not get another box for a while. 😞) I will also probably sit down with my 4 year old for coloring sessions!

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Inside the box, there is the subscription booklet, like all subscription boxes I have gotten in the past. August 2016 is the 3rd box in this series and the theme is Loveable Animals! The cover has a very cute wrap around design full of fluffy animals. It even has some animals resembling the characters featured in the box! I thought that was a nice touch that it all goes together and matches. I know that’s a given, but it’s still fun to see the things in the box on the booklet.

The first page of the booklet (the book is set up backwards like a manga! Coolest thing ever! I’m sure this setup has a name, but I don’t know it.) talks about current Kawaii trends in Japan. The trend of the month this time is hair colors. The booklet also talks about the Alpacasso plush that was in the box and the contest that goes with it! At the end of the book is a page talking about fun things to do in Harajuku should you ever find yourself in Japan, and a spread of fan pictures posted on social media of the Yume Box! #yumetwins could land your picture in the next booklet.

Yume Twins also have a monthly mega prize box that all subscribers are entered to win each month! The items in that box are shown in the booklet. This momma would LOVE to win! It has a Hello Kitty plush wearing a Kimono, a sailor moon plush, and lots of other awesome goodies.

Now the goodies!


Amuse Alpacasso Plush – Rainbow ~She is super soft!!!!! Smaller than I was expecting, but still awesome! She has a pink ball chain loop attached to her head. (She is headed off to live with my friend who LOVES alpaca and llamas! 😝😁)


Shinada Fluffy Animal Plush – Pig ~Soft fluffy plush! This one is super cute! The pants on the pig remind me of the little ring that shops put on the to go cups of coffee. He is super cute!

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Re-Ment Mare Sweets Mascot – Creme Puff ~ I love blind boxes! It’s tons of fun to open the box and see which one you got. I pulled out the list first. Then the bag with my prize. The big piece was in a separate section than the little biscuit and ball chain. So I opened them up and assembled the pieces. Then there was another package with a little green square that I assumed was candy. Since I don’t read Japanese, I had to use the google translate app to read the box. 😝 The box said I got a cream puff instead of a cupcake. It also said the box contains: a figure, Ball research sy (12 (which I’m guessing is supposed to say ball chain. 😝), and gum (1). So the mysterious square is gum! The little biscuit either says rare or mare…not sure.

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Gudetama Limp Mascot ~ The lazy egg yolk, is in a gooy, squishy egg floating on his back with hands behind his head and his legs crossed. The liquid is actually yellow instead of clear like the booklet shows. I’m wondering if maybe it got too hot, because it’s been over 100 degrees here. His egg almost has a tacky texture too. He reminds me of a splat toy that you throw on the floor and it squishes flat. This blog also posted the August box, and her package is black/grey instead of yellow and it looks like the gudetama on the package is posed differently, so I’m guessing there is more than one pose. The box (according to google translate) says “Limp strange feel of mascot” and the picture thing couldn’t read the rest of the package. He’s cool. He will hang out with me in my craft room.

Gudetama/Pompompurin/Hello Kitty Pen – Pompompurin ~ This went immediately into my planner! I love that this box has useful stuff! The design on the pen is iced cookies that have different characters in them. There are 2 big cookies, one has pompompurin and the other has a 3 tier cake on it, decorated with characters. Almost exactly like this.

Airou and Merarou Towel – Airou “Asakusa limited Kaminarimon” ~ the booklet shows this town being cream and brown like Airou from Monster Hunter, but it’s actually yellow and pink. This wash cloth is so cute! It says “Gotouchi Airou” on it and has a little picture of Airou standing on a paper lantern. This is pretty cool. I had to read about this gotochi thing. According to Google translate gotochi means “your land”. It refers to collectible things that are only available in certain areas. Like these post cards. So these wash cloths have a Tokyo tower version and a Kaminarimon in Asakusa version. This idea is super cool to me.

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Pompompurin Letter Set ~ I can’t wait to write a note with this cute set! There are 12 papers, 6 envelopes, and 6 stickers to seal the envelopes.

Neko Atsume Memo Pad ~ The designs on this notepad are straight from the mobile game! I love it. This pad has 4 different prints of paper and a clear plastic cover. I tucked this notepad into my planner and have already started using it!

I am very happy with this subscription box! I hope to continue receiving this box, but for now, I have to put my subscription on hold. 😕 I hope you consider this box!!! Sign up for their newsletter to receive updates about box content and discount codes!

What is your favorite subscription box? Tell me in the comments below.


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